Honoring the Memory of Dr. King

This week’s blog summary is written by Kirstin Grabski, SCY Operations Coordinator. 

Many people sometimes look at an extra day off as nothing more than a chance to catch up on some reading, maybe some chores and an additional day free from a long commute. And though it may be an opportunity for all of these things, Rev. Martin Luther King Day can be so much more. One example of this is the Austin community organization BUILD — who is bringing residents together to honor King’s legacy on Monday, January 20. Participants will learn about methods of nonviolent protest, reenact the March on Washington and talk about the social injustices our country and communities still face. There will also opportunities to give back and spread kindness. The opening ceremony for the Day of Service begins at 9:30 am at Christ the King Jesuit College Prep, 5088 W. Jackson Blvd. To learn more about the details of this day’s event, read the full article here.

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