SCY is leading an effort to pursue the future direction developed in 2015, beginning with a 6-month project to accomplish several of the short-term tasks. This approach will build momentum on the project and establish a sense of trust and ownership among the core group overseeing the project. Following this initial project, we anticipate being well-positioned to undertake the remaining activities identified as part of the future direction.

Funding for the Violence Data Landscape project is provided by The Joyce Foundation.

Chicago has more homicides than any other city in the US, but an imperfect data environment to support and monitor coordinated, data-driven violence prevention strategies. The Chicago Police Department and other City agencies provide the public with online access to a tremendous amount of data, but use can be difficult and data accuracy has been questioned. Criminal justice data from Cook County and Illinois are much harder to access. Health data at all levels of government are subject to extensive protections.