Get to Know the Team: Meet Allison

In the past year, the SCY/PAACT team has grown in many ways. We hope to familiarize partners with who is on the team and what they do – in the hopes of making SCY better conveners for community organizations.

Hi Alison! Thank you for taking a minute to (virtually) sit with us. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about you and your background?

I am the new Graduate Intern at SCY. I am currently in my last year of my dual master’s program studying social work and public health. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a grant writer at a local non-profit. I am hoping to use my degrees to help amplify voices of those most impacted by violence and to advance equitable violence prevention policies (and equitable implementation of those policies). I am excited to learn from everyone at SCY as well as the many community partners that work with SCY!

Which of SCY’s Five Focus Areas do you feel the most strongly about?

This was a tough one for me because all of the Five Focus Areas are so important and necessary. But, the one that resonates the most with me is common sense approaches to gun violence. My interest in gun violence prevention is actually what led me to violence prevention as a whole. Tackling the issue of gun violence is complex, with no one solution, but it is preventable. Evidence-based policies and programs can be implemented to help reduce the incidence of gun violence in our communities and hopefully, in turn, reduce rates of injury and trauma. As one of my favorite professors always says, everyone deserves a safe place to live, work, play and pray.

What are some of your daily tasks with SCY?

My time at SCY so far had been unique because of the COVID-19 pandemic moving our work to a remote structure. However, I am fortunate to get exposure to many different areas of the work being done at SCY. I primarily assist with tasks for the JJC and help with policy related work for SCY overall. I also sometimes get to help with social media for SCY.

Okay, so get to know you personally a little more, we have some fun questions. Tell us about an epic first.

I recently (before the pandemic) tried outdoor rock climbing in Arizona for the first time and loved it! I even started going indoor rock climbing as a stress relieving activity, but then the pandemic hit. I am excited to take it up again once it is safe.

Where do you go for inspiration?

get inspiration and motivation in a few different ways. Particularly now, it can be hard for me to find inspiration and motivation, but the organizations and people working on the ground to advocate for positive change help remind me what I am working towards. They continue to serve communities and fight for rights even when times get tough and there are continuous roadblocks. I am so fortunate to have a strong support system who help provide inspiration in the work that they are doing and by having gone through some similar struggles. I also like to read, listen to podcasts, and practice mindfulness to help keep me on track.

What do you wish you had more time for?

One thing I love to do has been put on the backburner for many reasons these days, but if I could, I wish I had more time to travel. I would love to explore more states in the US as well as travel more abroad. I hope to one day make it to Southeast Asia.

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