Resources to Take Action in Response to the Terrible Tragedy in Uvalde Texas

Dear Partners,
Our hearts are heavy as we continue to mourn the loss of life of so many due to gun violence. We urge everyone to take action today, and in the months to come, to ensure we collectively bring lasting change to keep our children and communities safe from violence. We know the tragedies that occurred in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas were preventable tragedies. We know the violence in our communities is preventable. We are sharing ways that you can take action and learn more about solutions that will end gun violence in our state and in our country.
State Level
  • Contact Governor Pritzker and urge him to sign HB 4729, which will fund a statewide public awareness campaign to promote safe firearm storage, into law immediately
  • By phone
  • 312-814-2121
  • 312-814-2122
  • 217-782-6830
  • 217-782-6831
  • Online
Education & Resources
Supporting Strong Communities
Support and Prevention
The SCY Team

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